Best rates for international calls


0.049 ¢/min



0.26 ¢/min


0.49 ¢/min


  • No Hidden Fees
  • 1 Minute Rounding
  • Balance Never Expires
  • 100% Quality Guarantee

Call with Access Numbers

  • Works from any phone
  • No internet needed
  • Access numbers in more than 35 countries

Learn how to call internationally

Dial Toll-free: 1-855-679-3454 or 1-888-545-9857 (USA) | 64-9801-1006 (New Zealand)
Dial Country Code & Phone Number
Example: 679-675-6800

If you call from an unregistered phone, you may need to dial the PIN number associated with your account.


PINless Dialing

Place your calls easier! Add the phone number you call FROM. Use format: country code + number.

Speed Dial

Skip dialing the entire number. Assign your favorite number to a phone digit. Press the key to connect faster!

Auto Recharge

Activate Auto Recharge and every time your balance drops below $5 we'll recharge your PIN with the amount specified.